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Covid Kindness

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Please share your rainbow displays and other lockdown-related crafts and kindness. Did you see the Ayton Adder? Maybe you contributed towards it? Hopefully you will have all taken photos of your rainbows, teddy bears and other displays of hope and support.

Rainbows of Hope

Please share any displays you made with rainbows to show hope and to support our NHS and Key Workers.

Going On A Bear Hunt

Did you put a teddy bear in your window too? Did you take any photos of your window displays?

What else did you do? Did you conribute to the Ayton Adder with decorated stones? Or hide your stones around the village for others to find?

Did you take part in the display of hearts at the Church?

Lockdown Patchwork

Have you made your square to contribute to the lockdown patchwork yet?

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