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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

We love how much our local children contribute to our community and to the Ayton Show. We hope this year won't be any different!

It's been a funny old year for the children too. Home schooling was something we all had to get used to! We really hope you had some opportunities to do fun and creative things.

School and Home

What have our young people been doing this year? During Home Schooling or Holidays, please share your work.

I know some of your home schooling included planting - what did you grow?

I bet you've been baking!

Whether you did it all by yourself or had some help, we'd love to see some pictures of the delicious things you've made.

Crafty Creations

Drawing, painting, crafting, creative writing - it's all welcome here. Show off a little, your work is worth it!

You've worked so hard, and you've made it through a pandemic! Wow, you are awesome! So come on, show us all!

Inspire Others

You are our future. You are the ones with all the ideas. You probably know a lot more about technology than we do too!!

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