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Garden Produce

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Fruit and veg, flowers and plants, and anything else in between! Whatever you would normally share in the show, we want it here!

The Ayton Flower Show comes to the web!

The biggest, the best, the most beautiful... and don't forget the comedy veg too!

There aren't any formal sections, just a broad invitation to share what you've grown, along with tips, stories, anything you want really. If you grew it, we'll share it!

A Bumper Crop

Has it been a good year for you? Let us know what you did to achieve success (or keep it a trade secret if you'd rather!). Did the great spring weather mean good growth, or was August too wet for you?

Wildlife Welcome

Do you wecome wildlife in your garden? What do you do to encourage visitors? Or have you been plagued by pests?

Did you manage to capture any good photos of them? You know what I'm going to say - share away!!

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