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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

You know the usual Industrial Section at the Village Show? Let's bend the rules a little this year! Share your cakes, bakes and preserves. Share your knitting, sewing, crochet and other crafts. Share your pictures and paintings, and probably anything else which doesn't fit elsewhere!

We're excited to see what you've made!

Please share your photos, good or bad...

We just want to see your creative glories!

Have you made a square for Caroline's lockdown patchwok? We will make a separate section especially for that, and share some of the pictures in the gallery too.

Crafty Neighbours

How have you all kept busy during the lockdown? Have you been knitting or sewing? Have you tried any new crafts? Needle felting, clay models, drawing or painting maybe?

Something Delicious

It's Harvest Time! How are you using your produce?

If you have been busy in the kitchen, don't keep the results to yourself! Much as we'd love to sample the real thing, a photo will have to suffice for now!

Have you made jars and jars of preserves? I'm yet to start, so please inspire me.

How about baking? Surely everyone had tried making something during the lockdown period? We have a separate post for children if they have been busy too, or we can share their baking delights here if you would rather. Anything goes!

We have a separate section for rainbow displays and other lockdown-related crafts and kindness. Did you see the Ayton Adder? Maybe you contributed towards it? Hopefully you will have all taken photos of your rainbows, teddy bears and other displays of hope and kindness.

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