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Ayton Show

Welcome to the Ayton Show 2023!

Last year’s show was an unqualified success with nearly 500 entries and a really good turn out of visitors on the day. The standard of entries was excellent and there were only a few classes which needed to be revised for this year’s show. We also hosted quite a few stalls and activities and these all helped to make the day the great event it turned out to be. Thank you to everyone who entered or participated in any way! However this success means that we really need more people involved both on the day and on the organising committee. Please contact us at any time at all if you would be happy to help in any capacity.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again for another wonderful show day and to receiving all your great entries. Please remember to send in your entry list by Friday August 25th, so we can allocate enough space for each class. See you there! Along with all your family and friends!

(If you have trouble downloading, you can also ask for the file to be emailed to you)

Some Frequently Asked Questions to help you...

I'm not sure if my vegetables or craft will be ready on time - should I enter anyway, just in case?

Yes, I recommend entering soon even if you're not 100% certain of an entry being ready in time. Late entries cannot be accepted.

What if something identifies me, eg. has my name on it or is a picture of my house/pets/kids which could be recognised

Only worry about removing identification if you don't want to be recognised or if you aren't happy with your children /home being recognised. Our judges will NOT be influenced by knowing who the entrant is. This is a village show and although judging is fair and consistent the aim is to have fun and share your creativity with everyone else.

Can plants be houseplants or should they be outdoor plants only

The pot plants can be indoor or outdoor plants. Outdoor plants will need to either be grown outside in a pot or replanted for the show

Fruit, Veg & Home Produce -How are they all displayed? Will plates or boards etc. be provided?

There will be compostable paper plates provided free of charge. It will be up to the entrant to prepare and present them on the day.

The winning choice will be the judges’ personal decision and will not follow any rules or regulations as to size, shape or display. However we do expect the judges to be fair and consistent and able to justify their decisions.

What kind of vase or bowl should be used, and is there a maximum size? Do you put the water in when you get there and will there be water available?

We have a range of vases for you to use. The judging of items requiring a vase will only consider the flowers themselves. Any other containers can be any size or shape and there is water available in the school. Items such as the table centrepiece may need a particular container to produce the desired effect and this will be included in the judging.

Can I 'tweak' the recipe if required? Can I use my own recipe?

For the Lemon Drizzle Cake we would ask all entrants to stick to the recipe provided. Other items, such as gingerbread can use any recipe you like.

Should/could photos be mounted by entrants?

Photos will be displayed on large boards or on walls, so as long as they can be placed using Blutak they may be mounted. The mounting will NOT be considered in the judging, and remember the photo itself must be smaller than 8x10 inches.

'Flora or fauna' could be a beautiful flowering tree, wild bird or animal, or a combination of plants and animals including a wider view of plantlife and animals.

Are any crafts excluded? Should an embroidery/cross stitch be made into and entered as a cushion, or can it go into the 'other crafts' section?

'An item in any craft not specified above' was included to make sure we don’t exclude any entries. If you have a craft item which could be placed in any of the other classes then it is up to you to decide which class you’d like to put it in

Show Classes

Additional Information

Certificates will be awarded for First, Second and Third in each class.

 Teas will be served in the Bowling Club from 2–4.30 pm.

Norham Brass Band will play during the afternoon.

Tombola will be in the hall.

Wheelchair access is available in both the Primary School and the Bowling Club Toilets are available in the Ayton School and in the Bowling Club.

Dogs are not permitted in either building.

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Previous Entries

Have a look at some previous show entries for inspiration!

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